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Spring. Yeah, right.



April 24, 2013

Yesterday I almost got my hopes up that winter was finally over. I’d been working on a blog post, whining about the amount of snow that was still piled up all over my yard and gardens. The kids were impressed by the size of the puddles in the road (big enough to engulf a car in some places), and one of them yelled, “Oh, yeah! It’s almost summer!!” I felt a glimmer of hope. After all, it can’t stay winter forever. The sun is back (it even feels warm on my skin!) and there is liquid water outside. This year the snow has held on a bit longer than usual, but now that it’s melting, it is going pretty fast. Spring will come!

This morning, there were 3 new inches of snow on my porch, and more was coming down. Somebody, please send me some patience!


Spring is … well … not here yet.


Here’s my Girl’s pretty new Easter dress, made by ME on my lovely NEW MACHINE.

Yes, it is displayed on snow.  Yes, I did take that picture March 24th.

The pattern is from the book Absolutely A-Line, by Wendi Gratz.  It’s great.  She gives a basic pattern in several sizes, then show how to modify it to make 28 variations.  Some of her variations are not my taste, though most are adorable.  The dress is simple, sweet, and a really fabulous canvas for all sorts of embellishment.

I found the main fabric for next to nothing at Value Village, one of the resale shops in town.  Then I went to Joann’s and bought the ruffle fabric and the ribbon trim at full price with no coupon.  So much for frugality.  Here’s a close up:

Pink with silver trim. My Pretty Princess will be pleased.

Here are a few other things I’ve been working on lately:

Baby Magnets (No not for attracting babies; for putting on your fridge!):

and a misplaced gecko on a mirror:

The babies and mirror are for sale in my Art Fire shop.  I’m trying to stock up my online and simultaneously get ready for this year’s Tanana Valley Farmers Market, which will be opening for the season on May 8th.  Drop by if you’re in town!

Lovely Winter


Today is one of those gorgeous days that make me glad I live in Fairbanks.  It’s cold – about  -15F – but there’s not a cloud in the sky.  We’ve had enough snow recently to cover each little twig and branch on the bare birch and cottonwoods, and to leave nice piles on the spruce boughs.  The hills around town look like rumpled white velvet.  Pictures don’t do it justice, but I’ll try to post one soon. It’s just sooooo beautiful.  Sigh.  And, it’s great cocoa weather.  Cheapo powdered cocoa mix from the supermarket can be improved upon very easily – use milk instead of water, and add some honey.  YUM.  Don’t forget the ginger snaps!



Birch Leaf

Lots of folks (well, a couple) have asked about my business name (and the name of this blog).  We have a bunch of birch and cottonwood trees on our property, and in fall, their leaves turn a glorious butterscotchy color.  Hence, “Butterscotch Grove.”  When I came to Alaska from Philadelphia, I really missed the autumnal reds and oranges I grew up with.  After fourteen years of watching the hills around Fairbanks turn gold, Gold, GOLD in September, though, I’m not only used to it, I LOVE it.  The birches against the dark green spruce and the brilliant blue of the never-ending sky is just stunning.  The pictures don’t do it justice:

In my yard

In my yard

I love birch trees.

I love birch trees.

Spring Has Come


My darling little boy came into the bedroom (at some ungodly hour) the other morning while hubby was getting ready for work. He said, “Daddy – spring has come! Come look!” While standing at the window, he added, “Some of the snow has melted.”

If anyone had told me twenty years ago that I would be shoveling snow on a 60-something degree day at the end of April, I would have shaken my head at them, certain that they were abusing some substance regularly. Nonetheless this is going to be a short post, because my arms are dead from doing just that.

Our House - 4-27-09

Kids might be able to use this in a couple of weeks!

Kids might be able to use this in a couple of weeks!