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Long Time, No Me


If I have any loyal followers…I apologize to you for not posting in so long.  We have been having a “Thing A Day” challenge at Polymer Clay Central this month.  Some of the other TAD participants have been posting their work on their blogs, which makes lots of sense.  I, on the other hand, have just been posting my pictures on Flickr and trying to keep up!

When I found PCC last year, the Thing A Day challenge was in full swing.  I jumped right in, without realizing how intimidated I could have been.  Maybe because I was SUCH a newbie, I didn’t even care if my stuff was worth posting…it was all experimental.  Well, it’s still all experimental, I guess! But now I have a lot more confidence, and a bit more pride.  A year’s worth of support from the amazing artists at PCC will do that for a person.

I wanted to show you a few of the beautiful things that my cyber-friends have made, but I’m having trouble, both with technology (grrrr!) and decision-making (“That’s perfect…ooh! but I like that one, too! No, wait….that one!), so just go click on the links under Polymer Clay Buddies.  The TAD participants I’ve listed there are Kay’s Miniatures (find her Flickr site, which is more up to date, here), Knightwork, and The Pleasant Pheasant.  Ginger and Ashley are also playing.

And, just so this post won’t be completely photoless, here are a few of my Thing A Day projects (since I can’t figure out how to post other people’s work, grrr):

Kaleidescope cane earrings

Four 3/4 inch Fairies

Pair of Retro Cane Votive Candleholders

Three (faux) Mokume Gane Pendants