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New (Lame) Addiction


Ok, so my dear friend-whom-I’ve-never-actually-met, Karin, introduced me to FaceBook, FarmVille and Farm Town. For Karin, these applications are not a problem: she apparently does not sleep, and therefore has lots of time to do lots of amazing stuff, as well as keep up with her virtual farms. I, however, would rather sleep than eat…and I love to eat. So, I’ve been wasting loads of time pretending to plow, plant and pull, and have neglected posting. And making stuff. And cleaning (yeah, like that’s something new). So, I’m setting some limits – 1 hour of FB a day, AFTER studio time, and ONLY if the kitchen is clean. Maybe, if I pretend I’m one of my kids, I’ll be able to stick to this. 🙂 I would really rather dream about new clay or doll-making ideas than make-believe farms….