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Spring is … well … not here yet.


Here’s my Girl’s pretty new Easter dress, made by ME on my lovely NEW MACHINE.

Yes, it is displayed on snow.  Yes, I did take that picture March 24th.

The pattern is from the book Absolutely A-Line, by Wendi Gratz.  It’s great.  She gives a basic pattern in several sizes, then show how to modify it to make 28 variations.  Some of her variations are not my taste, though most are adorable.  The dress is simple, sweet, and a really fabulous canvas for all sorts of embellishment.

I found the main fabric for next to nothing at Value Village, one of the resale shops in town.  Then I went to Joann’s and bought the ruffle fabric and the ribbon trim at full price with no coupon.  So much for frugality.  Here’s a close up:

Pink with silver trim. My Pretty Princess will be pleased.

Here are a few other things I’ve been working on lately:

Baby Magnets (No not for attracting babies; for putting on your fridge!):

and a misplaced gecko on a mirror:

The babies and mirror are for sale in my Art Fire shop.  I’m trying to stock up my online and simultaneously get ready for this year’s Tanana Valley Farmers Market, which will be opening for the season on May 8th.  Drop by if you’re in town!


Happy Easter!


easter eggs mosaic

Originally uploaded by elsbeth’s mosaics

As a symbol of new life, the humble egg just can’t be beaten. (No pun intended!) So, today, the day we’re all given the chance for new life, I thought I’d share some cool, crafty eggs. Enjoy!

From elsbeth’s mosaics>>>>>

From AdriAnikArt vvv (and a link to a tutorial for this technique.)

The eggs and the ties that dyed them.

Originally uploaded by AdriAnikArt

Here’s a link to a fun tute for wool felted eggs.  Serious cuteness!

And one more – Fried Egg Cupcakes I made for my kiddos Easter celebration at preschool:

Yummy!  The "yolks" are peaches.

Yummy! The "yolks" are peaches.

I think I need some practice with importing pictures and arranging them nicely…watch for improvements!! 🙂