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What’s Growing – June 2017


2017 is yet another year when we won’t be getting much from our gardening efforts to shorten the food chain; not having a spot to start seeds early enough really cuts down on what I can get out in the garden in time.  We are still working on it though.  Next year I WILL have an indoor seed starting area, somehow.  In the meantime, here’s what we’ve got growing this year (We also have 15 adolescent chickens who will be providing eggs in a couple of months, but I missed getting a picture of them.):




New Mouths to Feed



New duckies arriving today! (This is actually one of last year’s, because the Husband took the camera with him to his out of town conference.  But really, at this stage, they all pretty much look the same.  Actually, they never look very much different, other than male/female color differences.)

It is so cool to hear them peeping before they are out of the shell!