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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: CSI Alaska

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: CSI Alaska




The perps after their capture.




Hearts Full of Snark for Anti-Valentine’s Day Types


So, I’ve never been much of a Valentine’s Day-flowers-and-hearts type of girl. (Notice I did not say I object to candy or wine….)  This year – actually last year, our supermarkets broke out the conversation hearts about 3 days after Christmas.  You know, the ones that say things like “Call Me” or “Q T PIE.”  Gack.  The kids are too old to fall for my “Candy hearts are not ripe until February, you know” line anymore. (Worked for years!)

Anyway, in past years I tried making candy heart-like polymer clay charms.  It worked great, and I have a cute little bracelet loaded with them…but it’s not very me.

This year, I had a vision of a different sort of candy heart.s  Ones with the kind of messages I sometimes felt like sending back in the pre-happily-married days.  Messages like “BACK OFF” or “R U SERIOUS?”  Pastels didn’t seem to fit the idea, so I came up with these (available for purchase at my Artfire shop):

Red Hearts Full of Snark

Red Hearts Full of Snark


White Hearts Full of Snark


Black Hearts Full of Snark


More Black Snarky Hearts


Well, they ALMOST look like candy!

Catching up on the backlog – Halloween at our house


So, I have once again let the blog slide.  Homeschooling, working, and life have happened!  My next post will be about homeschooling, and how that’s going, but for now, here are a few  recent snapshots (and explanations).

My Boy has lately been very interested in cats.  Kittens, to be precise.  For Halloween, he decided he wanted to be a kitten.  Not just any kitten, though – a leopard kitten.  And, not just any leopard kitten, a leopard kitten wearing an aye-aye costume.  “Why?” you ask?  Um . . . not really sure.  But he did make a diagram for me, so I could get busy making it.

Here’s what he eventually came up with:

  It’s hard to see here, but the paper-plate aye-aye mask is looks a lot like his drawing.  His tail and ears (the leopard ears) came from Joann Fabrics clearance rack.  The leopard suit, socks and black gloves are from Value Village re-sale store.  The long aye-aye fingers are pipe cleaners wrapped around his middle fingers.

 The Girl was “Count No-Fangsula.”  The Red Riding Hood cape she got from Grandmom was “too girly” – so she was using it as a vampire cape.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for her blood-filled victims), at eight years old, she has gaps where her fangs should be.  The suit and tie are her brother’s. 

The gappiness is easier to see here (Boy is pretending to be a cat.  Of course.) :

The Wisdom of Preschoolers


My friend, Tammi, and I were attempting to figure out how to get her daughter’s toy to work, to show my son.  The toy in question is a hobby horse with a chip in its ear that makes galloping and neighing noises when pressed.  The chip is apparently broken.  Tammi squeezed the ear for awhile, then I gave it a go.  Finally, her nearly-three-year old came over and said, “I can show him how it works, Mommy.”  She took the hobby horse, straddled it and skipped off across the room.

“This is how you make it gallop, Frederich!”

Then she added, “And you can make it neigh, too – Neigh!  Neigh!

My 4 1/2-year old said, “Cool!”


Sometimes grown-ups can be really idiotic. 🙂

A Little Red for Valentine’s Day


These pictures are from 1957 or 1958.  My mom and dad, who were engaged at the time, used to drive around in his red Triumph and pose in front of fancy houses – not the types of places where either of them lived.  They still don’t live in a mansion, but in October 2010, they’ll have been married for 52 years.

Check out Mom’s fab dress and that, um, hat?  Oh, and I love the pearls. Love them.  And look how cool Dad is!

I love you, Mom and Dad!  Thanks for giving me the kind of wealth that has nothing to do with money and fancy houses. 🙂

My mom at 19 or 20. Movie star.

Daddy at 22 or 23.  Rock star.

Car ad in a magazine.

See ya later, alligator!

New Kitty


Here’s my latest creation – and it’s all mine!  I love how she came out…and the little vest just cracks me up.  Tell me what you think!

Goofy CatGoofy Cat with Vest

I’m having so much fun making dolls and toys for sale at our local farmers’ market, but I’d been nervous about selling some of my work, because they were based on other people’s patterns (modified by me, but still…). I made the pattern for this little kitty entirely myself.  It’s pretty simple – just a pancake doll (front and back pattern pieces are the same) – but it’s a start.  And its simplicity lets me play with fabric choices.

The vest is knit from one strand Red Heart TLC Essentials and one strand Lion Brand Fun Fur.  Isn’t it cute? 🙂

Where does she get this stuff?


My nearly 5-year old daughter likes to call her Barbies “showgirls.” She has 2 fashion dolls, both bought at a resale shop. (They might have been naked, but they were less than $2 a piece!) One is your typical blond Barbie; the other is a Disney Pocahontas. I made a doll-sized pink and gold ball-gown to match my daughter’s preschooler-sized pink and gold Halloween princess costume.  Pocahontas was wearing the ball-gown tonight as I tucked my DD in. We (DD and I, not Pocahontas and I) had the following conversation:

DD: [holding up Pocahontas and wrapping her long braid around her head]: If you wear your hair like this, that’s a way to be a showgirl!
Me: Nah – you don’t want her to be a showgirl.
DD: Well, in my world, this is how you wear your hair to be a showgirl.
Me: What is a showgirl?
DD: A person who goes up and does goofy dances.
Me: What kind of dances?
DD: Like, Bingo dances…
Me: Bingo dances, huh?
DD: Yeah, or Happy Princess dances – those are the best.

Maybe I should make a little sequined bikini with feathers….