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Wordless Wednesday 3-28-18: Springy Art Journal Page (while we wait for the snow to melt)


WIN_20180328_11_58_28_Pro (2)


One Way to Reuse a Wine Bottle . . .


So, ages ago (years ago, really), I had an idea for a cool polymer clay embellishment for an empty wine bottle.  It has taken me a long time, working in spurts, to finally finish it, but here it is:

The front shows a little cabin in the woods, with snow-covered mountains in the background.  It is a spring scene, so the birch or aspen trees have yellowy green leaves, and there are wild roses and irises in bloom.  Sigh.  It’s really not spring here (-28 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, and that’s warmed up about 20 degrees since last week!), so I’m gazing wistfully at this little clay world, willing spring to get here soon. 🙂


The back lets you see the backyard.  The axe is stuck in the chopping block, and there’s a path back to the outhouse (you can just see that necessity – it’s in the middle left of the photo, above the irises).


And here are a couple of close ups.


It is for sale in my Art Fire shop, Butterscotch Grove, along with a few other things.  I’ll be going through my old never-posted stock from when I worked the Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market a few years ago and adding those items to my shop over the next week or so.  Those things will be bargains!

Which way is up?


It is true that I don’t know which way to turn this painting, but “which way is up?” is really how I’ve been feeling about a lot of things in 2016.  Honestly, I feel a lot better about how this painting came out than about how this year went.

Acrylic paint on 8″ x 10″ canvas board,

A Little Birdie



Just playing in my art journal.  This little birdie is painted in gouache on a background of acrylic paints with some collage, stamping, stenciling…your basic mixed-media mishmash.  I don’t think the berries are quite done, but I just love how the bird came out.  I used a photo from the Oct/Nov 2016 issue of Birds&Blooms magazine as my model.

What do you think?  Any advice for finishing the berries?