Howdy, visitors! My name is Melissa, and I’m a creative sort who loves working with polymer clay, and making dolls – both the kind you play with and the kind you display. I have 2 adorable kiddos and a loving hubby, who teaches high school to the elves in North Pole. We all live in a log cabin (seriously) in Fairbanks, Alaska. Part of our yard is given over to birch, aspen and cottonwood trees. In late Fall (early Fall, to those of you at lower latitudes) their leaves turn a most wonderful shade of dark orange-yellow. I think it looks like butterscotch – hence the name of my blog and business.



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  1. Hello

    I bought 5 dolls from you at the Farmers Market in June and I wanted at least one more, maybe two. I ahve not seen you at the market the last couple of Saturdays that I have been there. I would appreciate you contacting me if you have more dolls available for sale. Thank you


    • Hi Bev! So glad to hear from you – I didn’t get your info off your check! I left a message on your phone yesterday (deleted your number from your post so it wouldn’t be public). See you soon!


  2. Hi Melissa,
    Love your work–I am looking forward to spending more time looking later. Glad to find a crafty friend in Fairbanks.

  3. Hello, Melissa,

    Thanks for sharing your life with other’s I look forward to your adventures and hopefully gain a different perspective. Life is about sharing with other’s so well done!

    Happy Blogging, Allie.

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