A Philly Girl at Heart


I might live in the frozen North, far from authentic cheesesteaks, Krimpets and tomato pie, and I’m not into football any more (after more than 20 years in a state without a team), but I know who I’m rooting for today!  And so does my Girl, who made me this origami ring:



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  1. I just caught the news before going to bed, and they announced that the Eagles won. The origami ring worked! It would be nice to have her create one for the play I wrote. It is scheduled to be performed Wednesday night – same schedule as our next snow storm!

      • Unfortunately, I want to ask her to keep it safe until we have another date – or mail it flat in an envelope, and I’ll wear it myself. The President phoned to say she cancelled the program because schools are closed. Grrr! There isn’t a flake in the sky just now. I think schools closed last night over the weather forecast, not the reality of snow falling from the sky today.
        She’s a dear to entertain my superstitions about the good luck ring! It won’t go to waste, as we intend to contend with the powers that be and bring our efforts into production.

  2. 14 years up North near livengood does not dull the desire for a great cheesesteak or a super bowl win from my “maybe next year” Eagles. Now at 71 and after 50 years the waiting is over and my bucket list complete!

    • I thought I didn’t really care, but when the Patriots were up by one, I realized I’m still deeply connected to my Iggles..

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