Happy New Year!


This year I plan to tackle 3 storage issues.

  1. I store way too much physical stuff in my house.  I need to cut back on the amount of stuff I buy, and seek out stuff that comes with less packaging. I have a tendency to save packaging, and everything else, as “art supplies.” But I never use much of it.  Sorting through it all makes me tired.
  2. I store way too much “inspiration” – books and magazines full of fun ideas for craft projects or new techniques; “pins” on Pinterest, “favorites” on Instructables…I accumulate new ideas for stuff I want to do or make nearly every day.  But I rarely make or do any of it.  Having all that stuff just makes me tired.
  3. I store way too much potential energy on my person. 🙂  I have plenty of fat reserves I could be converting to action, but I rarely make use of them.  Carrying the extra weight makes me tired.

I’m tired of being tired! So this year, my 50th (!!!), I’m doing a reset.  I’m gonna use what I have or get rid of it.

These aren’t really resolutions, just the result of getting fed up with myself and all the clutter I (and my family) deal with everyday, which happens to coincide with my birthday last month.

Any advice from readers who have tamed the clutter monster and have kept it caged?  (Not you, MIL – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was enough! 🙂 )


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  1. I hope your family took that book in the good spirit in which it was intended.
    My biggest problem, now that I’ve moved into a smaller living space, is where on earth did I think I could store all of these space-usurping memories? Before settling into the apartment, I made three or four dresser drawers available for holding “stuff” for the moving process. You guessed it – it is all still in those drawers!
    I wish I could be a good example for someone’s cleaning-out bent, but that would be telling a stretch. Let me know when you folks have accomplished your goal, and I can look to YOU for a model.

    • Oh, I know that book was sent with love – and I’ve wanted to buy it for ages, since it’s never in at the library. I just couldn’t justify buying ANOTHER book about organizing, though, so I do appreciate it!

  2. I’m also entering my 50th year, and I love the “storage” concept. Thanks for saying it so nicely and for motivating me at the same time!

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