Which way is up?


It is true that I don’t know which way to turn this painting, but “which way is up?” is really how I’ve been feeling about a lot of things in 2016.  Honestly, I feel a lot better about how this painting came out than about how this year went.

Acrylic paint on 8″ x 10″ canvas board,


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  1. My perception of your year differs from yours. You are blogging with more regularity and verve, for one thing. You have returned to the art world, another good investment of your time.

    The image on the left of the above display reflects who you are, at least in part. In the present orientation of the piece, the auras of light aim mostly in one direction (I’ll label that family), and other bright rays focus diversely (your enthusiasms and heart shine toward other aspects of life, as well). In other words, you aren’t “keeping your light under a bushel” anymore.

    So, “Hurrah!”, for what I know of your year. I don’t know which way is up in terms of your goals, but I love what I’ve been seeing!


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