New Mouths to Feed



New duckies arriving today! (This is actually one of last year’s, because the Husband took the camera with him to his out of town conference.  But really, at this stage, they all pretty much look the same.  Actually, they never look very much different, other than male/female color differences.)

It is so cool to hear them peeping before they are out of the shell!

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  1. It is a wonderful quirk of nature that we don’t hear our own children vocalizing before they are “hatched”!

    How many eggs did you set this time around?


    • We sure FEEL them, though! And my two have been making up for “lost time” since their first breaths, I think. 🙂

      We set about 25 start with, then had to remove a bunch that weren’t developing. We have 4 ducklings at the moment (8 am on Monday) and 10 still in the incubator. One of those 10 looks pretty iffy, though.

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