Spring. Yeah, right.



April 24, 2013

Yesterday I almost got my hopes up that winter was finally over. I’d been working on a blog post, whining about the amount of snow that was still piled up all over my yard and gardens. The kids were impressed by the size of the puddles in the road (big enough to engulf a car in some places), and one of them yelled, “Oh, yeah! It’s almost summer!!” I felt a glimmer of hope. After all, it can’t stay winter forever. The sun is back (it even feels warm on my skin!) and there is liquid water outside. This year the snow has held on a bit longer than usual, but now that it’s melting, it is going pretty fast. Spring will come!

This morning, there were 3 new inches of snow on my porch, and more was coming down. Somebody, please send me some patience!


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  1. I can’t send you patience, but I can send you the reminder that you no longer have two children under the age of two and all that time period required of you. Now their words of delight offerred you a glimmer of hope when you most need it. Take it and run right through those inches of new snow with the knowledge that more and more puddles will transform your environment into a well-watered garden. Of course, that means planting, weeding, harvesting, . . . There is that old saw, however, to bring a smile, “Patience is a virtue, catch it, if you can. It’s seldom found in women and never found in man.”

    • Thanks, MIL! Your son is the exception, I guess, though even he is pacing and chomping at the bit, waiting for spring!

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