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The Boy’s Latest Interest


Well, one of them, anyway.  The little man is first grade age, and has the requisite fascinations with dinosaurs and superheroes.  He also likes sharks and dolphins.  Yesterday we went to a very cool local toy store, Enchanted Forest Toys, which has all sorts of wonderful wooden toys and Folkmanis puppets and eco-friendly craft kits.  Both kids had $25 gift certificates they’d gotten at Christmas.  He chose a Great White shark puppet.  (Sister got a craft kit – more on that later.)

We already had the book I Can Draw Sharks, Whales and Dolphins out of the library, and he made a little book about sea creatures a week or so ago, which he’s been illustrating off and on, but this is now specifically about sharks.  This morning he told me, “I think I’m going on a shark buzz.”  That’s a new phrase to me, and I’m not sure where it came from, but I understand it! Let’s focus on sharks for awhile!

He has decided to write a series of chapter books about a group of shark pups who think they are orphaned and who solve mysteries.  He has very decided ideas about how the credits of the movie based on his novels (!) will look.  Instead of scrolling up, like they normally do, he wants the credits to scroll down, from the sunlight zone, through the twilight zone to the midnight zone.  An eye and a bright yellow light (an angler fish) will swim in and out of the credits as if they are a coral reef.  There will be a darker black shape following the fish (this will be Hammie, the Hammerhead).  When the credits are all gone and the screen is pitch black, Hammie’s voice will say, “There’s something fishy about this.”

He started his story today, on the computer, with the following.  Spelling, punctuation and everything else are all his.  He did ask me to spell a couple of words.

Chapter One

In Which
A Great Hammerhead looks for his name and dosen’t find it

The shape of a Great Hammerhead pup moved across murky water. He was lost. He didn’t know his name. But, most terrible of all, he was an orphan! he didn’t know that there was a string of other orphaned pups inclueding a Great white, a Tiger Shark, a Bull Shark, a Whale Shark and a Blue Shark. But he didn’t care about that. He just wanted to know his name. He looked evreywhare for his name. He looked in small places like nooks, and big places like caves. He even puffed up his courage and dove into a under-the-sea volcano! that was how he got his yellowish-gray color.  no name. The next day there was a party.