Catching up on the backlog – Halloween at our house


So, I have once again let the blog slide.  Homeschooling, working, and life have happened!  My next post will be about homeschooling, and how that’s going, but for now, here are a few  recent snapshots (and explanations).

My Boy has lately been very interested in cats.  Kittens, to be precise.  For Halloween, he decided he wanted to be a kitten.  Not just any kitten, though – a leopard kitten.  And, not just any leopard kitten, a leopard kitten wearing an aye-aye costume.  “Why?” you ask?  Um . . . not really sure.  But he did make a diagram for me, so I could get busy making it.

Here’s what he eventually came up with:

  It’s hard to see here, but the paper-plate aye-aye mask is looks a lot like his drawing.  His tail and ears (the leopard ears) came from Joann Fabrics clearance rack.  The leopard suit, socks and black gloves are from Value Village re-sale store.  The long aye-aye fingers are pipe cleaners wrapped around his middle fingers.

 The Girl was “Count No-Fangsula.”  The Red Riding Hood cape she got from Grandmom was “too girly” – so she was using it as a vampire cape.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for her blood-filled victims), at eight years old, she has gaps where her fangs should be.  The suit and tie are her brother’s. 

The gappiness is easier to see here (Boy is pretending to be a cat.  Of course.) :

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