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I am writing an article for my writing class on dysthymia, and I am stumped!  Dysthymia is  a type of depression that lasts at least two years (sometimes much longer), and in which the sufferer can have many of the same symptoms that people with so-called “major” depression face.  I’ve seen it described as “mild,” “less severe,” and even “minor.”  The thing is, people with dysthymia (dis-THIGH-me-a) have often been depressed for so long, they’ve forgotten what it feels like not to be depressed.  Depression becomes their “normal” state.  Everything seems hopeless; they have no motivation; they have no energy.  They get by, but they have no joy, and they feel they have no worth.  And this is what normal feels like.

My article started out as a list article – you know, like “57 ways to cut your grocery bill” or “16 Green Crafts Using Your Old Milk Jug Lids!”  Mine was “Get a Handle on the Blahs.”  I really want to write this article – I was dysthymic myself, for many years, and if I hadn’t come across the term somewhere, I never would have gotten the help I needed.  The thing is, I’m getting caught up in the futility of writing a self-help article for people who don’t recognize their own need for help.  Also, I only have 1000 words to work with.


Any ideas?


Some New Dollies


So, here is part of what has kept me from my keyboard the last month or so…these dolls were supposed to be Christmas presents, but they just would NOT cooperate.  Fortunately the lady who ordered them is very, very nice.  She told me she wanted happy dolls, with no stress sewn in to them.  At last they are done and delivered. (Actually, they’ve been delivered for a week or two…I’ve not been on the ball with uploading photos, either.  Sigh.)


It always amazes me how they come out with their own personalities, even if I’m using the same pattern!  I used the same basic pattern for the three smaller ones, and they couldn’t be more different.  The two henna dolls started out the same, too – but the blond is definitely sassier than the brunette, don’t you agree?

The Wisdom of Preschoolers


My friend, Tammi, and I were attempting to figure out how to get her daughter’s toy to work, to show my son.  The toy in question is a hobby horse with a chip in its ear that makes galloping and neighing noises when pressed.  The chip is apparently broken.  Tammi squeezed the ear for awhile, then I gave it a go.  Finally, her nearly-three-year old came over and said, “I can show him how it works, Mommy.”  She took the hobby horse, straddled it and skipped off across the room.

“This is how you make it gallop, Frederich!”

Then she added, “And you can make it neigh, too – Neigh!  Neigh!

My 4 1/2-year old said, “Cool!”


Sometimes grown-ups can be really idiotic. 🙂

Post-A-Week 2011


Hi there!  Long time no write, I know.  But I’m determined to do better – and I’m participating in WordPress’s “Post-A-Week 2011” challenge (they have a “Post-A-Day” challenge, too, but let’s be realistic….).  I’ve also signed up for an online writing class.  (That means the class is online, not that the writing is necessarily for online use!)  I am looking forward to a busy and productive year.  I hope you are, too!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!