4-Year Old Logic


“Go wash up for dinner, ” I said.

“Why?” he answered.

“Because you’ve been playing outside and your hands are dirty.  And it’s always a good idea to wash up before eating.”

(Off he went to wash up.  When he came back, the conversation continued.)

“Let me see,” I said.

(He showed me)

“Ew! Still dirty! Go wash those hands again!”

“But Mommy, only my palms are dirty…I just need my fingers for food.”

I almost couldn’t argue with that.

After Washing Up (Doesn't look nearly as bad in the photo as in real life!)


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  1. Ah the joys of motherhood I missed. As a non-mom, I applaud you and all parents for taking on the most difficult and most important job in the world. May you be given all the strength, patience and sense of humour to take it all on.

    • Thanks, Anita! Sometimes, in the day-to-day drudgery, I lose sight of the importance of my “job.” Nice to be reminded! I’ve got it easy, though – my kids are both smart and funny. They make me laugh out loud every day, even on the grumpy days! 😀

  2. You should have told Boy that all the dirty bugs would crawl up his palms to his fingers. That’s what his Hawaiian auntie would have told him. Kid would be in therapy for years. 🙂

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