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Yesterday was not a good day for me and my clay. Everything I did either didn’t work, broke or just didn’t come out like I wanted it to. So this morning I was looking around the web for something that looks fun but not too difficult – time to regain some confidence. I found this great tutorial on 2 Good Claymates’ site. Carolyn is one of my guild-mates in the Polymer Clay Smooshers’ Guild of Art Fire.

The n0t-good-day seems to be continuing, as I can’t seem to get a picture of the very cool cane Carolyn came up with to post. Sooo, I’ll just go try it out and take pictures of MY version. (Yanno, this “I-can’t-post-pictures-of-other-peoples-stuff” problem could probably be resolved if I read WordPress’s help pages….)

UPDATE:  So, here’s the proof – I did try this tute out and it’s very cool.  However, my toaster oven has recently (like, about an hour ago) passed away, (grrrr) so the blue/white/gold extruder cane covered prescription bottle is not baked.  But isn’t that cane cool??


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  1. LOVE the gold! Mel why don’t you just use your kitchen oven until you get a replacement?I use mine all the time. It doesn’t hurt anything. No smell, no residue. And I’m still in possession of my last brain cell. Say hi to Carolyn for me! I like her. VERY nice lady!

    • Thanks, Moesie! I actually do have a back up toaster oven, but it’s tiny. Too short for anything but beads and Altoid tins. I do use my big oven sometimes, too, for bigger things, but only when my foil roasting pans are not pulling double duty as catch alls. You may be in possession of your last brain cell (I notice you didn’t say, “full possession”), but I’d like to be sure that my wee kiddos keep more than just one. 🙂

  2. I have a convection oven (tag sale find) that I use exclusively for my polymer. And I don’t really do that much. And yet, there is an obvious ‘oily’ film that coats the inside of the oven. Not something I’d want to add to my food!

    But when I am forced to use a regular/food oven, I use a couple of disposable roasting pans, one on the bottom, one turned over on the top like a lid, and aluminum foil well sealed around the edges. So all that oily residue is locked inside the disposable pans.

    Makes me feel less guilty about using my food oven…

    • I used the roasting pan trick, too, when I’ve got something too big for the toaster oven. Got a new one, BTW! Yea!

    • Thanks, Alice! I got myself a new clay oven (an Oster Convection Countertop Oven), so my home oven…and my kids’ brain cells…is safe. 🙂

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