One of Those Days


Actually, it’s been one of those weekends.  I have the February doldrums.  And I don’t even have the  excuse of a big ole snowstorm that the rest of the country has!  We kind of expect snow here.  It’s hard to have sled dog races without it.  Fortunately, I seem to be snapping out of it, thanks to some funny friends and a terrible old photo.

First gripey thing:

It’s Thing A Day time at Polymer Clay Central, and this little fairy was my offering for Day 7.  As you can see, she is really tiny.  Well, I got her all finished, and painted with Ranger Alcohol Inks, and sat her on my pasta machine to take a picture.  But then I got sidetracked with cleaning in my studio (probably looking for the blankety-blank camera), and before long I heard a crunching noise underfoot.  Yep.  Squashed fairy. One arm and almost all her petals broke off.  I mended her with super glue before taking this picture, but you can see that her arm and the petal directly under it weren’t quite in the right spot before the glue set.  Gr.

Next gripey thing doesn’t have a picture – my children have been dancing on my last nerve.  It’s getting to the point, though, where they are being so annoying I just have to laugh.  As I type, the Girl is putting barrettes and ponytail holders in my hair while the Boy (the Girl’s Assistant) is brushing it.  At least they’re trying to be gentle.  I was (facetiously) offering to sell them earlier, and one of my cyber friends came up with the best thing ever to get me to quit whining:  Could be worse.  They could have bagpipes.

Finally, my dad must have known I needed a laugh, because he emailed me this photo, wanting to know if I could date it for him.  Uh, yeah. 1983.  Junior Prom.  I’m second from left.  I won’t name the others – they’ve probably long since forgotten (blocked out) this picture.


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