Mother-In-Law’s Christmas Present


Now that it won’t be a spoiler, I can show a picture of the polymer clay pendant I made for my mom-in-law for Christmas. We’ve had some issues with mailing stuff (one box went missing, one went to the wrong town in Alaska, the winter storms in the lower 48 delayed delivery of her package….oh, and I procrastinated sending Christmas boxes until AFTER Christmas!), so she’s lucky she got it, finally! Actually, I like it a lot, myself, so she’s lucky she got it for more than one reason!

The pendant is strung on doubled brown silk cord.  The flowers are made with a petal cane from Donna Kato’s book, The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques. Donna’s flower petal starts out with a purple and white Skinner blend bullseye cane.  My Skinner blend was gold and chocolate.  I love the way those colors blended.  It looks both festive and warm – perfect for Christmas, even if it’s not red and green.  And it’ll be good at other times of year, too!

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  1. Six years later report: there have been many positive comments on this creation over the years. It goes well on orange and black clothes, as well as yellow and brown!

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