Come in to my parlor…and try not to get lost!


Ok!  It’s 2010, and the insulation around the top of my studio walls is in!  And the temporary wall for my cabinets is in!  I still can’t paint – too cold outside to open windows for ventilation – but at least I can organize!  This will, of course, be an ongoing project.

It doesn’t look like much yet.  That little arm in the blue pjs on the right belongs to my daughter.  The shallow drawer in that drafting table holds LOTS of clay, two Fimo packages high.  The base cabinets (below) will be topped with a 3×8 foot counter for sewing and cutting.

And my clay table is back under the window where it belongs!  The whole space will be about 10×10 feet.

Now for the real challenge:  I’ll have to get all this in to the new space!

Yikes! Mommy? Moe? Wanna come help?  I’ll make a pie for you…

So, here are my New Resolutions:

– Turn my studio from that mess into a usable, business-like creative space.

-Turn my hobby into a business.

-Lose 30 pounds.

-Create peace in the Middle East.

-Solve the global warming problem.

-Fix the world’s economy.

Some of those should help me keep the others in perspective. 🙂

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  1. Ahhhh, I love it. Perspective, check, check. 🙂 Just so happens I am working on my creative space this winter/spring (year?!) as well. I just keep telling myself it’ll feel SO good once … it’s done. 🙂

  2. Moe is here! Shelves! Tons and tons of shelves! Cabinets are even better but so shelves in every square inch of space you have. Then, when Boy and Girl are at school, sit your buns down and go through one pile of stuff at a time. Put the “get rid of” into a box. When it’s full, POST! I bet you’ll be able to sell a ton of stuff. Also, list all your “get rid of” stuff on It’s totally free and the owner is a honey. Tell her I sent you. Senior moment that I can’t remember her name. 😦 Yes, Mel, you HAVE to get rid of some stuff. Don’t make me come over there to help. 😀

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