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Santa, Excuses, and a Random Musing


This is a patchwork Santa figurine I made following directions in a book called A Treasury of Santas. (I think!)  The project was contributed by Maureen Carlson, and of course her version is many times better looking than mine, but I like the way the little guy came out!

I haven’t had much to post lately, because most of what I’ve been working on was for Christmas and I didn’t want to post spoilers. You’d think that I’d be able to post pics now that Christmas is over, but my boxes didn’t get mailed until yesterday (12/29). I should be able to show things by next week.

My other reason for not having much to post lately is that I’ve been CRANKY and TIRED. I’m not
sure if I should blame the Arctic darkness, a lumpy mattress or peri-menopause, but
when I asked my Darling to bring a bottle of wine home a couple weeks ago, this is what he chose.

And, no, the “beverageware” in the background in NOT what I used to drink it.

Cranky and tired is a bad combination. It contributes to my (already strong) tendency toward procrastination, and helps convince me that virtual farming is a worthwhile pursuit (Howdy FarmVille neighbors!). That means that I’ve not be at my clay table much in the last two months. Can’t wait to get back to it, now that the Christmas bustle is over. First clay project will be a figurine of a woman in a sari.

Well, I guess I’d better add a random musing to go with the title: I’ve been using the line, “The years fly by, but the days are looooong,” to explain my parenting experience. I’m beginning to think that, if I keep thinking that, every day will be crabby and unpleasant. So I’m resolving to switch that around in 2010. “The days are loooong, but the years fly by.” Repeating that will help me remember that my children’s childhood is NOT something I want to slog through unhappily. I also do need to remember, though, that the well-meaning folks who say things like, “Oh, they’re not this age forever; enjoy every minute,” either have no children themselves, had their kids so long ago they’ve forgotten the less “enjoyable” parts, or are just complete idiots. Nobody likes cleaning up poopy or sick kids, or coming in to a room and finding two overly innocent faces and a broken lamp or torn book. I am NOT a bad mommy for not always seeing the humor in those situations right away.

Water Play at the Kitchen Sink

This was an enjoyable moment. 🙂


Finished Dollies


Five in a Row

I finished my big doll order last week!  Yea!  I finally got around to taking some pictures of the completed dollies.  The lighting isn’t very good, but you get the idea.  I was experimenting with the kuspuks, and I didn’t realize how varied the lengths were until I saw this ^ picture.  And somehow I missed getting a close up of the one in the middle.  Oh well, I don’t really want to see any of them again for a while anyway . . . .