Twice the Woman I Used To Be


I did not diet before my wedding.  I figured, he fell in love with me despite the love handles – why add more stress?  We had guests coming from the both coasts, some who’d never been to Alaska before, and that was really enough to worry about.  Oh, and my apartment building had been sold.  I was the last tenant, and the new owners were really wanting me to move as soon as possible.  We’d decided to wait until after the wedding to live together (imagine that!).

So, I waited until after the wedding to lose the weight I’d wanted to get rid of.  And I did – when we went back East for our first anniversary, I’d lost about 30 pounds.  Woo hoo!  I even wore a two-piece bathing suit when we went down the shore. It was a tankini, but still! I hadn’t worn a two-piece since I was eleven.

Then…I had kids.  Now I weigh more than ever before (while not pregnant), and I must say the weight is distributed differently.  My kids are little (3 and 5) and VERY active.  I have an arthritic toe, joint aches, carpal tunnel syndrome or something, chronic fatigue syndrome or something, and almost 70 pounds to lose.  I’ve been feeling old, tired and fat for too long, dang it!  So, I joined Weight Watchers (again) – and this time I’m committed to increasing my activity.  My first workout?  Jumping in rain puddles with my boy while waiting for Sissy to come home from school, instead of just watching him.  We played Follow the Leader, too.  He looked pretty cute following my lunges and squats.  Next time I’m following him – 15 minutes of doing what he does should equal an hour or so at the gym. 🙂

I’ll add a “before” picture to this post soon. Wish me luck on making it to the “after”!

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