Grandmom’s Birds


Today, July 3, would be my Grandmom’s 101st birthday. She was one of my favorite people, and though she’s been gone 10 years, I still miss her. Sometimes, I smell her perfume when there is no one around, and think she must be visiting. I am lucky to have this beautiful crewel embroidery she did, a long time before she died. We had it framed and gave it to her on her 85th (I think) birthday. She was impressed with her own ability as a stitcher…she hadn’t been able to see to do such fine work for quite a while. I have it hanging above my dining table, where I see it every day, and it always makes me smile. Happy Birthday, Grandmom!

Grandmom's Birds

One-TwoThree-Four Five-Six

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  1. Thanks! She always had something she was working on, or mending (if you look closely, you can see her mends on the bird picture, too).

  2. what a lovely memorial to your grandmother. we love bluebirds at our house. what a pretty thing to have–such a wonderful way to summon her memory.

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