My Mess – Sorry, Mom!


Recently there has been a thread on the Polymer Clay Central message boards about labeling storage spaces. I decided to take the opportunity to blog about my “studio” and the state it’s in. This was originally going to be the focus of this blog – I was planning to do a monthly update on my progress. I took some photos early in April, to post here, but I was hesitant. After all, my mom can read this! I can be an organized person. Most of my past employers would tell you I was organized, if only in that “she knows where everything is” kind of way. I am SO not organized at home though (as you can see from the photos). Since I took these pics, I have cleaned up the sewing area, some, and even labeled a bunch of storage containers. So now, when I come across some random flotsam, I can actually put it away, in the drawer dedicated to random flotsam. I have another one dedicated to jetsam. We have some major construction issues to work on, too, so I can conveniently shift the blame away from myself, to an extent. My goal is a spread in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios magazine. Well, really it’s to be able to send them pictures, proudly, within a year.
Wish me luck, offer me advice or encouragement, shake your head at me and say “Tsk, tsk, tsk!,” but do stop back for those monthly updates.

It's not quite this bad anymore.

It's not quite this bad anymore.



To the left of my clay table.

To the left of my clay table.

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  1. Be relentless and don’t be afraid to throw things away. I see toys. If there are children, make a play area behind an electrified fence (only kidding)- but make a dedicated play area. Don’t do ironing in your craft area. Better yet, stop ironing all together. Wrinkled clothes build character. There are probably plenty of poor students in your area who could use some old furniture. Get rid of what you don’t use. Or repurpose it into something you will use.

    But don’t get as nuts as me. Once I was on such a pitching and tossing mission, I threw away the remote control. 🙂

    • Thanks, Martha! I make cloth dolls and clothes to sell, so some of the toys visible are actually mine…but I REALLY like the electrified fence idea. 🙂

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