Where does she get this stuff?


My nearly 5-year old daughter likes to call her Barbies “showgirls.” She has 2 fashion dolls, both bought at a resale shop. (They might have been naked, but they were less than $2 a piece!) One is your typical blond Barbie; the other is a Disney Pocahontas. I made a doll-sized pink and gold ball-gown to match my daughter’s preschooler-sized pink and gold Halloween princess costume.  Pocahontas was wearing the ball-gown tonight as I tucked my DD in. We (DD and I, not Pocahontas and I) had the following conversation:

DD: [holding up Pocahontas and wrapping her long braid around her head]: If you wear your hair like this, that’s a way to be a showgirl!
Me: Nah – you don’t want her to be a showgirl.
DD: Well, in my world, this is how you wear your hair to be a showgirl.
Me: What is a showgirl?
DD: A person who goes up and does goofy dances.
Me: What kind of dances?
DD: Like, Bingo dances…
Me: Bingo dances, huh?
DD: Yeah, or Happy Princess dances – those are the best.

Maybe I should make a little sequined bikini with feathers….


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