Speedo Guy


This morning at the grocery store, I swiped my card too fast for the card reader, and the clerk said, “You’re a real speedo in the morning, aren’t you?”  (Well, no, not really; I was only there because I hadn’t gotten up in time to get my kid to preschool on time and pack her a lunch. )  Now, I am a very visually oriented person.  The clerk’s comment invoked an image in my head of that guy at the beach – the one who shouldn’t be wearing a Speedo, but is in complete denial about his physique.  Such a pretty picture.  So, now I have a great idea for my next polymer clay figure!  I’ve already drawn a couple of views of Mr. Speedo in my notebook, saggy gut and all.  I love this idea – I keep laughing as I imagine him.

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