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Spring Has Come


My darling little boy came into the bedroom (at some ungodly hour) the other morning while hubby was getting ready for work. He said, “Daddy – spring has come! Come look!” While standing at the window, he added, “Some of the snow has melted.”

If anyone had told me twenty years ago that I would be shoveling snow on a 60-something degree day at the end of April, I would have shaken my head at them, certain that they were abusing some substance regularly. Nonetheless this is going to be a short post, because my arms are dead from doing just that.

Our House - 4-27-09

Kids might be able to use this in a couple of weeks!

Kids might be able to use this in a couple of weeks!

My Mess – Sorry, Mom!


Recently there has been a thread on the Polymer Clay Central message boards about labeling storage spaces. I decided to take the opportunity to blog about my “studio” and the state it’s in. This was originally going to be the focus of this blog – I was planning to do a monthly update on my progress. I took some photos early in April, to post here, but I was hesitant. After all, my mom can read this! I can be an organized person. Most of my past employers would tell you I was organized, if only in that “she knows where everything is” kind of way. I am SO not organized at home though (as you can see from the photos). Since I took these pics, I have cleaned up the sewing area, some, and even labeled a bunch of storage containers. So now, when I come across some random flotsam, I can actually put it away, in the drawer dedicated to random flotsam. I have another one dedicated to jetsam. We have some major construction issues to work on, too, so I can conveniently shift the blame away from myself, to an extent. My goal is a spread in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studios magazine. Well, really it’s to be able to send them pictures, proudly, within a year.
Wish me luck, offer me advice or encouragement, shake your head at me and say “Tsk, tsk, tsk!,” but do stop back for those monthly updates.

It's not quite this bad anymore.

It's not quite this bad anymore.



To the left of my clay table.

To the left of my clay table.

Old News


Old News Spring in Fairbanks reveals all sorts of fun stuff.  I took this photo on April 15.  The paper is the March 6 edition of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.  I think it must have been pushed against the tree by the snowplow.  The rather ironic headline read “Just Brush It Off:  Residents dig themselves out after heavy storm hits Fairbanks.”

The truly ironic part is that the News-Miner people insisted a couple of years ago that we have a newspaper box attached to our mailbox post.  We already had a box, attached to our garage, but pulling into the driveway was too much trouble.  The thing is, our delivery person only uses the box IN GOOD WEATHER.  We live in Fairbanks – “good weather” is May-July.  Apparently, using the box in snowy or rainy weather is also too much trouble.

The unused paperbox - and the snowed-in paper in the background.

Spring Bling


I made this swirled lentil bead awhile back, but didn’t have anything to put it on. I finally found some pretty Swarovski crystals that conveniently came packaged with all the colors in the swirly except the gold. The gold glass spacers are leftovers from some beaded snowflake Christmas ornaments I made for my sister-in-law about 5 years ago. I’m astounded that I found them. Not that I had them, mind you, that I found them. (Ooh, I can feel the air current from my mom shaking her head at me – and she lives on the other side of the continent!)

Anyway, we had some fresh snow last night, so I just had to use it as a background, but the snow is so bright, it overwhelms the necklace. So, I tried again.

I think the necklace looks better with the second background. What do you think?

Where does she get this stuff?


My nearly 5-year old daughter likes to call her Barbies “showgirls.” She has 2 fashion dolls, both bought at a resale shop. (They might have been naked, but they were less than $2 a piece!) One is your typical blond Barbie; the other is a Disney Pocahontas. I made a doll-sized pink and gold ball-gown to match my daughter’s preschooler-sized pink and gold Halloween princess costume.  Pocahontas was wearing the ball-gown tonight as I tucked my DD in. We (DD and I, not Pocahontas and I) had the following conversation:

DD: [holding up Pocahontas and wrapping her long braid around her head]: If you wear your hair like this, that’s a way to be a showgirl!
Me: Nah – you don’t want her to be a showgirl.
DD: Well, in my world, this is how you wear your hair to be a showgirl.
Me: What is a showgirl?
DD: A person who goes up and does goofy dances.
Me: What kind of dances?
DD: Like, Bingo dances…
Me: Bingo dances, huh?
DD: Yeah, or Happy Princess dances – those are the best.

Maybe I should make a little sequined bikini with feathers….

Happy Easter!


easter eggs mosaic

Originally uploaded by elsbeth’s mosaics

As a symbol of new life, the humble egg just can’t be beaten. (No pun intended!) So, today, the day we’re all given the chance for new life, I thought I’d share some cool, crafty eggs. Enjoy!

From elsbeth’s mosaics>>>>>

From AdriAnikArt vvv (and a link to a tutorial for this technique.)

The eggs and the ties that dyed them.

Originally uploaded by AdriAnikArt

Here’s a link to a fun tute for wool felted eggs.  Serious cuteness!

And one more – Fried Egg Cupcakes I made for my kiddos Easter celebration at preschool:

Yummy!  The "yolks" are peaches.

Yummy! The "yolks" are peaches.

I think I need some practice with importing pictures and arranging them nicely…watch for improvements!! 🙂

Some New Jewelry for Spring

There's snow in the background, but the tree has buds! Yea!

April in Fairbanks includes lots of snow on the ground – but it’s melting!! One year, I took note of when the first liquid water fell from the sky – April 28. And when my mom-in-law came up to be present for my daughter’s April 30 arrival, we managed to save a little patch of snow for her to see. It was still there when she left after the first week of May.

So that explains the background of the picture. The pendants are made of polymer clay, and the bright green one is accented with coiled copper wire.  You can see close-ups by clicking on the “more photos” link over there >>>.

There’s snow in the background, but the tree has buds! Yea!

Crafty Mom strikes again

DD's birthday present

DD's birthday present

I LOVE making presents – which is a good thing, since I have no money and a huge stash of fabric! My son got a fuzzy blue dinosaur for his 3rd birthday last month, and this month, when my daughter turns 5 (!), she’ll be getting this adorable tea set. The inspiration and basic pattern came from Toys to Sew by Claire Garland. (I had to tweak the pattern for the tea pot a bit.) Check it out here. The book is filled with sweet, easy-to-make dollies, animals and accessories. All you need to fill your playroom with lovely, soft, plastic-free toys from this book is basic sewing skills and equipment. DD will love this – and DS can’t break it!

Speedo Guy


This morning at the grocery store, I swiped my card too fast for the card reader, and the clerk said, “You’re a real speedo in the morning, aren’t you?”  (Well, no, not really; I was only there because I hadn’t gotten up in time to get my kid to preschool on time and pack her a lunch. )  Now, I am a very visually oriented person.  The clerk’s comment invoked an image in my head of that guy at the beach – the one who shouldn’t be wearing a Speedo, but is in complete denial about his physique.  Such a pretty picture.  So, now I have a great idea for my next polymer clay figure!  I’ve already drawn a couple of views of Mr. Speedo in my notebook, saggy gut and all.  I love this idea – I keep laughing as I imagine him.