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The Land Provides


Seed catalogs have started to appear in our mailbox!! Yea! Spring is coming!  I can’t wait to see dirt (outside dirt, of course.  Sadly, we have plenty inside…).  Well, of course, I can wait.  I’ll need patience for another three months. (Four, if this winter holds on as long as last winter did.)


The Garden in January 2014

May 5, 2013

May 5, 2013

Still, I love when the catalogs start arriving.  I’m going to have twice as much space for growing veggies this year, and no away from home job to interrupt.  And last year the property gave us most of what we needed to make a green house.  That will be going up as soon as we can remove a few small stumps.  What’s that you ask?  How did the property give us a greenhouse?  Well…

We had been pondering how we could build a greenhouse cheaply.  I’d seen a prefab one at Sam’s Club; it didn’t really look big enough or sturdy enough, but the price was decent (less than $200).  Husband went to check it out and discovered the much larger carport for about the same amount.  With some modifications and additional structural support, he thought that would make a really nice greenhouse for between $300 and $500 dollars.  He thought he might even be able to use some old pipe he’d noticed half buried in the woods on the property to lengthen the carport, or as replacement parts, if needed.  Turns out, the old half-buried pipe was all the pieces of a similar carport.  Only a few were damaged, and of those, most could be repaired.  And it wasn’t super old.


Pipes Laid Out on Driveway, Summer 2013

He got some new pieces to replace the few unusable ones and lengthen the structure a bit, and built the first end wall last summer. We already had most of the plywood for the wall, salvaged from remodeling the inside of our house.


Structure Complete. Sorta

This is a good sign, I think.  It’s like magic.  We have a need and the land provides.  I’m tempted to go stand in the middle of our field and say, “Golly, I could really use someone to clean my house….”

Spring. Yeah, right.



April 24, 2013

Yesterday I almost got my hopes up that winter was finally over. I’d been working on a blog post, whining about the amount of snow that was still piled up all over my yard and gardens. The kids were impressed by the size of the puddles in the road (big enough to engulf a car in some places), and one of them yelled, “Oh, yeah! It’s almost summer!!” I felt a glimmer of hope. After all, it can’t stay winter forever. The sun is back (it even feels warm on my skin!) and there is liquid water outside. This year the snow has held on a bit longer than usual, but now that it’s melting, it is going pretty fast. Spring will come!

This morning, there were 3 new inches of snow on my porch, and more was coming down. Somebody, please send me some patience!

4-Year Old Logic


“Go wash up for dinner, ” I said.

“Why?” he answered.

“Because you’ve been playing outside and your hands are dirty.  And it’s always a good idea to wash up before eating.”

(Off he went to wash up.  When he came back, the conversation continued.)

“Let me see,” I said.

(He showed me)

“Ew! Still dirty! Go wash those hands again!”

“But Mommy, only my palms are dirty…I just need my fingers for food.”

I almost couldn’t argue with that.

After Washing Up (Doesn't look nearly as bad in the photo as in real life!)

New Stuff


Wow – have you ever had one of those mornings when you need coffee just to make the coffee?  First I forgot to put the coffee in the maker – so I was just heating up water.  Then I put in too much (I guess – it’s REALLY strong).  Then I poured it on my cereal.  Sigh.

Well, at least my cane making has been going better than that – WAY better!  Long ago, I tried making a rose cane that, well, looked cool, but was not very rose-like.  So, last Sunday I spent some time studying the lovely roses that Marcia Tzigelnik makes.  It took a bit of concentration for me to get the idea of how to make these flowers look 3D, but I really like how they came out.

Purple Rose Cane

Peachy Rose Cane

I used the scrap from my purple rose experiment to make some nice springy filigree pins:


And then, yesterday, I suddenly HAD to work on something I’ve wanted to try for a long while.  The Kuna people (the women, anyway) of Panama wear beautifully vibrant reverse-appliqued fabric panels on their blouses. Here’s an example:

Geometric Mola

Check here for more fabulous examples!

Since I was introduced to this lovely craft (in a Piecework magazine article, years ago), I’ve wanted to make one.  Thing is, although I love needlework of all kinds, I’ve never had the patience to try it in fabric.  Somehow, I have more patience for fiddly stuff in polymer clay, so here’s my first pc mola (I decided to try one a bit less complex than the example above):

Parrot Mola Cane

The small picture in the upper right is the image I was copying.  Needs some work, but I’m really happy with it.  Can’t wait to start the next one…but I have to go get some more clay first!! :-)

Spring Has Come


My darling little boy came into the bedroom (at some ungodly hour) the other morning while hubby was getting ready for work. He said, “Daddy – spring has come! Come look!” While standing at the window, he added, “Some of the snow has melted.”

If anyone had told me twenty years ago that I would be shoveling snow on a 60-something degree day at the end of April, I would have shaken my head at them, certain that they were abusing some substance regularly. Nonetheless this is going to be a short post, because my arms are dead from doing just that.

Our House - 4-27-09

Kids might be able to use this in a couple of weeks!

Kids might be able to use this in a couple of weeks!

Old News


Old News Spring in Fairbanks reveals all sorts of fun stuff.  I took this photo on April 15.  The paper is the March 6 edition of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.  I think it must have been pushed against the tree by the snowplow.  The rather ironic headline read “Just Brush It Off:  Residents dig themselves out after heavy storm hits Fairbanks.”

The truly ironic part is that the News-Miner people insisted a couple of years ago that we have a newspaper box attached to our mailbox post.  We already had a box, attached to our garage, but pulling into the driveway was too much trouble.  The thing is, our delivery person only uses the box IN GOOD WEATHER.  We live in Fairbanks – “good weather” is May-July.  Apparently, using the box in snowy or rainy weather is also too much trouble.

The unused paperbox - and the snowed-in paper in the background.

Spring Bling


I made this swirled lentil bead awhile back, but didn’t have anything to put it on. I finally found some pretty Swarovski crystals that conveniently came packaged with all the colors in the swirly except the gold. The gold glass spacers are leftovers from some beaded snowflake Christmas ornaments I made for my sister-in-law about 5 years ago. I’m astounded that I found them. Not that I had them, mind you, that I found them. (Ooh, I can feel the air current from my mom shaking her head at me – and she lives on the other side of the continent!)

Anyway, we had some fresh snow last night, so I just had to use it as a background, but the snow is so bright, it overwhelms the necklace. So, I tried again.

I think the necklace looks better with the second background. What do you think?

Some New Jewelry for Spring

There's snow in the background, but the tree has buds! Yea!

April in Fairbanks includes lots of snow on the ground – but it’s melting!! One year, I took note of when the first liquid water fell from the sky – April 28. And when my mom-in-law came up to be present for my daughter’s April 30 arrival, we managed to save a little patch of snow for her to see. It was still there when she left after the first week of May.

So that explains the background of the picture. The pendants are made of polymer clay, and the bright green one is accented with coiled copper wire.  You can see close-ups by clicking on the “more photos” link over there >>>.

There’s snow in the background, but the tree has buds! Yea!